How to check the internet is working fine or not?

Ways To Check Internet Working

by miarichard
internet is working fine or not

The age of the internet has made all of us addicted to the web. Every person follows social media on a daily basis. In the hindsight, social media and the internet have become our source of communication and a way to keep in touch with our loved ones. Do you want to know how your friends are doing? Call them. Do you want to show your friends what you are up to? Add it to your status. The unending saga of Instagram pictures and Snapchat streaks is what is keeping us connected to others in this digital world.

In amidst of all this, what if our internet stops working? You are in a middle of a call and suddenly you are disconnected because apparently there is some technical issue with your internet device. You need to submit an essay and just before the deadline ends, the internet stops working because the Wi-Fi is not working properly. And you definitely wouldn’t want to watch a Netflix show with a lot of buffering and low video quality because of a slowed-down internet connection. It is extremely frustrating to face such a situation and not to know how to fix the issue. But there is nothing to worry about as we are going to discuss in this article how can one deduce if the internet is working fine or not along with how to distinguish between the problems related to internet signal and Wi-Fi.

Measures Troubleshooting

The following main troubleshooting measures which are specifically construct in order to identify the root cause of the problem at hand helps distinguish the problems related to both internet signals and wifi. In order to resolve your internet connectivity issues, it is important to understand the different troubleshooting solutions related to both Wi-fi and internet signals.

The most common and beneficial solution to these issues is to restart your router and modem. The role of internet connectivity issues can be resolve by this simple method in the majority of cases. The device itself debugs all the issues related to the device while restarting hence, this solution is useful in many cases.

If that is not the case, and the problem persists even after restarting both modem and router, try checking all the lights on the devices. As all of us are well aware that almost all the routers have LED lights on its body which indicates their current status. These LED lights are helpful in identifying the problems associated with the respective device. If we want to check if the issue is with the internet signal, all we have to do is to check the LED light which indicates the internet signal. It is generally marked as WAN or Wide Area Network and has a globe icon. If the light is turn green then it is connect and is working fine. In other cases, if it is turn red or not turn on at all, then it means the internet signal connection is lost and it must be troubleshot.

 If we want to check if the problem is with the Wi-Fi, we need to check the Wi-Fi LED light. It is generally label as “2G”, “3G”, “5G”, etc. if the light is turn on or blinking, it means the Wi-Fi is working fine and catching signals. On the other hand, if the light is turn off or turn red, it means the Wi-Fi connection is lost and it is not catching any signals.

Aspect to Test your Internet Connection

Another aspect to test your internet connection can be to test it through an Ethernet cable. Let us say you are currently using your Wi-Fi and lost internet connection, you should diagnose this issue by plugging an Ethernet cable into your computer. Plug the Ethernet cable into the port on your computer and the other end to your router via the LAN ports. This method generally diagnoses the Wi-Fi and internet signals problems effectively. If the internet connection is restore instantly, it means that the issue was associate with the Wi-Fi and must be troubleshot. In another case, the issue might be slightly more serious than the others and must be look into.  

After trying all these solutions, if you still don’t find the reason behind your internet being disconnect or not working, there is quite a possibility that you are not the only one. It can be possible that the website you are trying to use is down or has a server connectivity issue. you can try reaching the said website through.  some other network and figure out if this is the real issue. You can use your mobile hotspot or public Wi-Fi to investigate the real issue. Moreover, it can be possible that there is an internet outage in your area or around you. In order to check if this is the issue with your internet connection then you can contact your ISP or Internet Service Provider to identify the possible issues.

Many a time, it happens that the internet signal is working properly but the wires and cables of the internet devices are remove or damage. These wires may include coaxial cables, ethernet cables, or in many cases phone cables. This issue can possibly arise due to the excessive use or removing. plugging in of these cables into the modems, routers, and your internet devices. Or maybe the wires became damaged because your pet chewed them. This is the most likely possibility of the cables and wires being damage as they are very fragile and can be damage by a minute inconvenience. The reason being the wires having thin inside body and copper wires. Replacing the old wires and cables with the new ones can help solve this issue or in a few cases, repairing the damaged wires can also work out.

We hope these solutions are comprehendible enough to understand.  The internet connectivity issues and how to check if the internet is  working properly or not. Moreover, this article discussed the various techniques to solve the issues related to internet signals and Wi-Fi. Good luck enjoying the internet without any hiccups and stay connected to your loved ones. 


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