Here’s All You Need to Know about a Smart Thermostat

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Here’s All You Need to Know about a Smart Thermostat

What’s better than a thermostat controller that’s already installed at your home? A smart thermostat of course. But how is that any different from a regular thermostat? The job of the said devices is to control the heating and cooling systems of your home, so what makes the smart one better? Easy, the answer is the technology that it features.

That is why we’re here to break down the general characteristics of a smart thermostat, so that you may understand what it is about the technology that it features, and what makes these devices so great. Have a read.

General Features of a Smart Thermostat

Almost every smart thermostat is pretty much alike, with the exception of certain devices that come with unique features specific to their own brand. Here’s what you can expect of a smart thermostat.

Mobile Application

For starters, much like all smart devices do, smart thermostats also come with their own associated mobile apps. These apps are downloadable onto our smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. It is through these apps that users can set up and configure their smart thermostats. But more so, these apps serve as the ‘control center’ you can say.

It is with the apps that you can control your smart thermostat – from wherever you are might we add. You can pick up your phone and switch on the heating at home as you leave work, so you can come back to a cozy home.

There is also the option to set schedules for the device to follow. And what does that entail? Well, it means users can set a daily, weekly schedule for the thermostat to function according to, rather than having to adjust temperature settings or switch the device on or off to make sure your home stays cozy at all hours.
Easy to Install

Installing a smart thermostat is easy if you follow the instructions that come with the box, otherwise, you can always opt for a free thermostat installation appointment at FirstEnergy Home’s website:, and get it done by a professional.
Voice-Enabled Control

Almost every smart thermostat is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. That means, once synced to any of these voice assistants, you can have voice-enabled control over your smart thermostat. And that means quite literally staying seated where you are and saying “Hey Google, turn the temperature up to 73°F!”, without having to manually walk up to the thermostat and do it yourself, or even opening the smart thermostat app to do so.

Auto-Adjusting Temperature

Here’s another feature that some smart thermostats like the Google Nest Learning Thermostat and the Honeywell Home T9 Thermostat have. It is one where the device can automatically adjust temperatures on its own, after learning the preferences of the household, or even just according to the temperatures outside.

There is also a feature in some smart thermostats that uses your connected smartphone’s location in order to switch itself off when you’re away, and on when you arrive home.

What Are the Benefits?

With the features that we have mentioned above, surely you can tell the benefits smart thermostats bring with them. But we’ll still sum it up for you.


With features like voice-enabled control, scheduling, and even mobile phone access – that too remotely, it means your home’s air conditioning and cooling system become automated. So with smart thermostats, users can essentially automate their homes in a certain way.
Energy Efficiency

Here’s one of the greatest benefits that you could reap from a smart thermostat. Though these devices are usually pricier than ordinary thermostat controllers, they pay off in terms of providing energy efficiency in the long run.

So the fact that users have access to their smart thermostats around the clock, through their smartphones, and through voice assistants as well, leaves no room for carelessness. That means you have every opportunity to make sure your thermostat is off while no one’s home, or have it set to automatically adjust itself to an eco-friendly temperature or switch off completely.

But along with energy efficiency, comes an added bonus factor of reduced utility bills over time. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat for instance is known to cut back on an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills, and 15% on cooling bills according to independent studies.

Where Can You Find Original Smart Thermostats

There is of course the problem of dupes being available for a lot of electronic devices – that goes for some smart devices too. Save yourself the trouble of checking out markets near you and instead head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website You’ll find smart thermostats and smart sensors listed under their Smart Home catalog, and at reasonable prices with the warranty as well as installation services available.

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