A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

by anji

Complete keyword research is what digital marketers need, especially for SEO, PPC, and content marketing.

Keyword research deepens SEO awareness and marketers about what your audience searches online, what is the most urgent problem for them, and what solutions and answers they need to complete their dilemma.

Without keyword research as a guide, your content running risks is not found by the audience to whom it will be important and can harm the ranking and performance of your search engine.

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What is keyword research?
Why is keyword research important?
How do I do keyword research for SEO?
How do I prioritize keywords?
Key takeaways.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing words and requests used on search engines to find answers to their care or questions.

This is one of the first steps in the SEO process because it allows marketers to reveal and explore your keyword space to find out what pages or pages can be made or added strategically to your content for the position and performance of your search engine website.

Why is keyword research important?
To help identify your keyword space.
To determine what keywords you should prioritize.
To easily map keywords focusing on certain pages.
To let you know what your audience wants to know.
Before writing this article, I did my research first to find out what needed to be answered and I knew that many care about how, but what about the keyword research?

Keyword research examples

Does research keywords are only other files for the sake of research? Adding this section might give me points for relevance or even in short, but this for those who want to know why keyword research is important:

  1. To help identify your keyword space.
    As mentioned above, keyword research is important because it allows specialist in the keyword space of your website and identifies various topics and pages of your website can make a better ranking at the SERP.
  2. To determine what keywords you should prioritize.
    Keywords have metrics such as search volumes, BPK, and traffic potential (which we will talk about later) that can help you prioritize search terms that aim to rank on your website.

Using high volume keywords will not cut it again. First, does the keyword have a volume? Next, does keywords that are even relevant to your brand? There are so many considerations that doing your research first save a lot of time on ideas and optimization in the long run.

  1. To easily map keywords focus to a particular page.
    When you have a comprehensive keyword research file, you can easily map current and future pages using keywords listed. No need to worry about keyword cannibalization or have a few keywords focus on the page, files will help you build relevant and important information hierarchies needed for your brand and business to meet their search demand and intention.
  2. To let you know what your audience wants to know.
    Besides helping you with your strategy or optimization, you know your keyword space is the biggest instructions you might have to enter your target psychic audience.

Forget what you think you want to know your audience. Doing keyword research allows you in important information that can tell you what people are looking for – serum truth if you want, about how people act and behave are looking.

Keyword research is important because it holds your customer’s sentiment on what they want to know. Knowing the true feelings of your customers can truly change the way you operate and see your business strategy – not only on search, but on everything.

There are more benefits of doing SEO keyword research, I just emphasize this fourth to really make you happen why you should do keyword research and why the file is more than just a spreadsheet or other document in your folder.

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