5 best beginner tips for monetizing your YouTube channel in 2022

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5 best beginner tips for monetizing your YouTube channel in 2022

YouTube has been experiencing constant growth since its inception. However, in the last 5 years, its growth trajectory has reached a phenomenal speed. Several bloggers are now actively working on their presentation skills and learning video editing to start their own YouTube channels. 

Many top bloggers are already there and more than a few of them are already earning decent revenue out of it. That said there are still many people who are users how to start earning from YouTube. In this blog post we are going to present some of the tips for the absolute beginners as well as multiple ways to earn revenue from their YouTube channel:

Earn from Ads 

One of the most popular ways of earning revenue from YouTube is through advertisements. Many YouTubers are tending to prefer this option above others. While it does offer good revenue in a reasonable time, the revenue expectations aren’t generally met especially in the case of beginners.

It is because several metrics directly impact your scope of ad revenue like subscribers, total hours of watching, and other parameters. So, as a beginner, you might want to build your authority and traffic before adopting Ad as the only way to monetize your channel. 

Sell personalized items to the young generation

Many YouTubers sell custom branded products through their channel. For instance, you might hire your local tailor and ask him to create a sample “Customizable shirt for you with detachable sleeves”. Such clothing is getting wide popularity as it allows people to sport cool looks and different styles without spending a fortune. Creating YouTube videos about such material goes a long way in acting as an active marketing strategy. 

Manufacture and sell items through you tube better control over the income 

People with sufficient budgets can also opt to manufacture their goods and sell them through YouTube channels. Many YouTubers are already doing that. While it has the potential to offer a significant profit margin, you need to have a solid strategy and a saleable product. This type of model not only enables you t earn higher income but also offers you complete control to scale up your income or tweak the prices to get better revenue. 

Teach a course

This is one of the major revenue generation schemes adopted by many YouTubers. We all have some of the other special skills. You might be good at gardening or excel at computer programming. Or perhaps you might be a pro when it comes to arts and crafts. With the help of YouTube videos you can start teaching these skills to the audiences and in return ask them to support your endeavours. You Tube also offers you an option to turn audiences into paying members. Thanks to the ever improving edutech options and interactive features like VR, it has now become very easy to create interactive courses. So, you can basically build your own training site and offer basic material for free on YouTube and ask people to visit your site for more advanced courses at reasonable prices. 

Become an influencer

Another best way to earn through YouTube is influencer marketing. More and more brands are now recognizing the importance of YouTube in spreading brand awareness and effusively reaching their target audiences. As a result, they are ready to pay a decent amount to YouTube influencers with exceptional presentation skills as well as good communication skills. In fact many brands are using YouTUbe video materials as one of the major SEO strategies to boost ecommerce traffic and increase conversion rate. That said, you might want to start wt your local regional brands and shops and start working on reasonably low prices. Keep on building your skills and acquiring new capabilities so that you may eventually be able to hike up your prices. 


YouTube has been one of the fastest-growing digital mediums to earn a good income. In recent years its popularity has increased and the number of YouTube channels has skyrocketed. However, many people still don’t know how to earn through YouTube. In this blog, we presented some of the tips for beginners who wish to utilize their video editing and presentation skills to generate a good income.

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