3D Modelling Makes the Process More Efficient, More Realistic

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3D Modelling Makes the Process More Efficient, More Realistic

What’s the most important part of any project whether large, medium, or small?

In one word: planning.

There is more than preliminary thinking and discussion in this one simple word. Of course, you’ll have your ideas, your general thoughts about how the project should look when completed. But you have a lot more help today than you did just a few years ago. A century ago, even a few decades in the past, you would have had an architect or designer prepare plans manually to give builders and others a “road map” to follow.

Now, you can work with a company providing three-dimensional laser scanning and digital photography to prepare for a 3D model that fits particular requirements. This preliminary step may include survey data and two-dimensional plans as well. With this in mind, you’ll begin to understand that there are several good reasons why this tool is more than important.

Realistic, Easy to Correct

Two of the most important elements in 3D modelling are realism and the ability to make changes and corrections. While it was necessary to work from two-dimensional drawings and sketches in the past, a three-dimensional model can take the many lines (diagonal, vertical, horizontal) and give them a more realistic appearance, creating a picture that is much more vivid than any other technique. This is perhaps the best way to determine if a new plan is really viable and to determine how the smallest changes can affect the outcome.

Technology carries your plan much closer to reality, leaving much less to imagination and educated guesswork. Clients and others involved in the project can take a virtual tour and get a better feel of how the finished space or structure will work. When they finish this step, they can determine if changes, either major or minor, need to be made. There is little cost to making these alterations during the 3D stage, which will significantly reduce the problems and corrections to be made during the construction process.

You might think of this from the viewpoint of vivid imagery. A client, a prospect, a building specialist, will be able to carry this image in his or her mind and when it comes time to get final approval from anyone, a 3D model is the best method for convincing the unconvinced.

Project Execution

Of course, there’s always another essential element, a very practical one. Construction engineers have a much better chance to finish your project at a lower cost and according to plan when they have seen it in three dimensions first. As mentioned, there’s less need for rework and overall productivity is improved. You’ll also experience fewer change orders and fewer requests for additional information. The bottom line is that you have a more successful project at a more reasonable cost.

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